Our Animals


The Grinch

Amarok is certainly one of the few wolves that is almost never afraid of anything.


Everybody's darling

Chitto is a master in the art if living who does not take life too seriously and usually gets what he wants with his stubborn friendliness towards higher-ranking pack members.


The Mumbler

Enzi means “strong” and “confident” in Swahili. He got this name, because he was the heaviest and longest puppy when he was born.


The Blob

Etu is one of the three males of the wolf puppy generation of 2016. He is a curious contemporary who comes up with stupid ideas from time to time.


Handsome and shy

Geronimo is handsome, and he knows it too. The dream of every wolf photographer!


The lazy clever dog

Hiari knows what he wants. In general, he is quite insecure, but he knows exactly which things he likes and does not like to do. For sure, he does not have the “will to please” which is said to be typical for dogs.


The independent girl

Imara means “the strong-willed”, which suits her very well. She knows exactly what she wants but shows it in a really cute and sweet way.


White bear

Listening to Kenai howl is very impressive. He has a very clear, deep and strong voice.


“She who was born at night”

This black, beautiful dog is cheeky, cheerful and hyper. She seems to ask: “What are you doing?? I will join you!!” and seems to be waiting for the call to join in crazy adventures.



The muscleman

Maikan is a handsome, very motivated wolf male who is very affectionate to his caregivers, but above all to his pack. Otherwise, he is rather sceptical and careful.


Our cuddlewolf

Nanuk is satisfied lying in the shade. Now and then he looks up at the birds or looks around him at his surroundings with his head tilted.


Little princess

The title “little princess” refers to both - her appearance and her behaviour. With her tall, slender figure and her white fur colour she is one of the most beautiful dogs we have. But also her behaviour would be classed “princess-like” by a lot of people.


Black Beauty

Taima is the second female of our generation of wolves in 2016. She is very gentle when she chooses to make contact, but since she is still shy, she prefers to observe what is going on around her from a distance.


The leader

Tala lead the pack within 10 months. At first, she was overwhelmed with her new role, but she grew into it very well. However, it is still very important to her to make it regularly clear that she is the boss.


Fearful dwarf

Tekoa is a petite, very pretty little male wolf, but he is a sly one.


The meerkat

Her name as the meerkat has stuck until today. She got her nickname as a puppy, as when she was excited when one of the hand-raisers passed by the enclosure, she always sat straight upright on the hill with ears pointed wearing an almost grin on her face, so a similarity to a meerkat could not be denied.


The wolf with a thousand faces

Many visitors first notice his bright yellow eyes, which stand out clearly from his black-gray fur.


Beauty in white/grey

As cuddly as she can be with the people she knows, she is very reluctant to be petted by unfamiliar human beings. Generous as she is, Lady Yukon will give her paw if she is rewarded for it.


Lively stiver

Zuri is our little wild child. She is a real workaholic. She tries to do everything right and even develops maniac behaviours with some tasks.