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Welcome to the WSC - Wolf Science Center

At the Wolf Science Center we study the commonalities of wolves, dogs and humans. Our dogs and wolves are hand-raised and regularly take part in cooperation and cognitive tasks. This ensures that we can work with them in a close and trusting relationship and that the animals are in a healthy state of body and mind. These points lead us to our guiding principles: best possible animal keeping, informing the public about the Wolf - Dog - Human relationship triangle and high quality fundamental research. 

Visit us in the Game Park Ernstbrunn close to Vienna and take part in one of our visitor programs.

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Our wolves

The WSC currently houses 13 wolves from zoos and game parks all over the world. Here you can find out more about their origins and characters. 

Our dogs

9 dogs currently live at the Wolf Science Center. They come from dog shelters in Hungary or were bred in the Center. Here you can find out more about their characters and where they come from. 

News & Diary

Anecdotes out of the daily life of our dogs and wolves: our students, interns and employees give a personal insight into the happenings at the WSC. 


Become a member of the WSC team! We offer scientific and non-scientific internships.