• Gender: male
  • Birthdate: 20.02.2022
  • Origin: Austrian animal protection organization
  • Related to: Youma
  • Meaning of his name: the kindhearted


... appearance

Kovu is a chocolate brown and bulky puppy with beautiful green-blue eyes. His big paws suggest that he will be a very stately dog one day. The fur is still very soft and mostly short, but you can already see the beginnings of individual hairs, especially on the muzzle, so we assume that as an adult dog, he will probably tend towards the rough-haired direction (like his mother). Kovu's milk teeth are dazzlingly white and pointed like small daggers.


Kovu is a very confident and daring puppy. Together with his sister Youma, he likes to romp through the entire enclosure and makes everything he finds into a dog toy. He also explores us humans with his teeth. Shoes, pants, and zippers are all “prey” for Kovu. The nickname “crocodile” suits him perfectly because he can bite surprisingly hard with his small sharp puppy teeth.

In addition to playing and sleeping, eating is one of Kovu's favorite hobbies. So sometimes we have to make sure that he doesn't snatch all the food from under his sister's nose. At the same time, his greed makes him a great training partner even at this young age. He loves the short training units and knows the commands "sit" and "down" almost as well as the big dogs.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Kovu: www.wolfscience.at/fostering-programs