fostering programs

Become the foster parent for one of our wolves or dogs! 

You can foster a wolf or dog for a year or longer! Help our animals and our project by fostering or giving it as a gift to your beloved ones.

Every foster parent receives a fostering certificate!

Optimal keeping of our animal partners is costly ... 

Optimal wolf or dog keeping needs:

  • big, well maintained enclosures with retreat areas 
  • occupation by the human caregivers: regular enrichment, "brain jogging" and the incentives for physical movement 
  • optimal veterinary care 
  • diverse and appropriate food  

Together this all costs approximately € 15.000,- per animal per year. 

We are happy to answer all questions you still may have about our fostering programs. Please send an email to

Our fostering programs: 

Become a foster parent

Become a foster parent for one of our wolves/dogs. 

  • You can choose "your" wolf/dog
  • You get a fostering certificate
  • You get twice a year a fostering letter with news about "your" wolf/dog
  • You are invited once a year to our foster parent event*
  • Annually you receive the WSC calendar with the most beautiful pictures of the preceding year 
  • You get an annual ticket for the "Wildpark Ernstbrunn"

* Meeting at the WSC where you can do something fun for your wolf/dog; while the animals are waiting in a different enclosure, you can hide treats for them in their enclosure. Afterwards you can watch your wolf/dog searching for his/her treats. A fascinating event for the animals and the foster parents!

As a thank you for your support you receive: 

  • a certificate for a big wolf/dog friendship
  • a WSC keyring 

As a thank you for your support you receive 

  • a certificate for a small wolf/dog friendship 
  • a WSC badge or magnet 


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