• Gender: female
  • Birthdate: 20.05.2022
  • Origin: Austrian animal protection organization
  • Related to: Sarabi & Taio
  • Meaning of her name: the heart



Moya is a pitch-black female with a few white markings on her chin, chest and paws. Her brawny head and floppy ears are reminiscent of a sturdy Labrador. Unlike her siblings Taio and Sarabi, Moya has a slightly longer coat.


Moya is a cheeky and funny little dog who is always up for fun and games. You can often see her romping around in the enclosure with her brother Taio. She has an extra dose of self-confidence, so it's not difficult for her to assert herself against Taio.

Moya is always up for training. As a puppy, she was still very impatient and therefore quickly lost her concentration. If she had to wait too long or didn't understand something right away, she started complaining. But she has now discarded that, perhaps also because she now knows the commands. Despite this, she is still very verbal in some situations and quickly starts to whimper. Hence her nickname "Moaning Moya".

Moya loves being petted. She always puts one of her front paws on you and tells you not to stop.

When she goes for walks with her brother, she always has a lot of energy, but every now and then we have to slow down the young bitch and find peace together. If you are alone with her on a walk, she is much calmer and can also use her nose to explore the surroundings.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Moya: