Free will

  • Gender: male
  • Birthdate: 21.03.2014
  • Origin: WSC
  • Related to: Imara
  • In pack with: Imara

Hiari knows what he wants. In general, he is quite insecure, but he knows exactly which things he likes and does not like to do. For sure, he does not have the “will to please” which is said to be typical for dogs.


Hiari’s appearance is very striking. He reminds us of a Border Collie - his fur is short and it’s colour is mostly black and white with some brown spots - especially in his face. His eyes are especially eye-catching. His left eye is completely blue, whereas his right eye is brown and blue. This special eye gives Hiari an extraordinary appearance.

...with conspecifics

When Hiari knows and likes the conspecific, he is a great partner. Hiari does not like unfamiliar conspecifics, which might originate from his insecurity.
He gets along very well with the trainer’s dogs and his sister Imara. His favourite game is to run up and down along the fence together with his sister - both barking like crazy.

...when learning and in interaction with us

People say that Hiari is not the fastest learner but we are not sure about that. When he likes a task and it seems captivating, he can be very fast. So his speed probably depends rather on his motivation than on his intelligence. In interaction with us, we can see the character of his mother, Nia, coming through. If he is in no mood for interaction, he keeps his distance. He selects “his” humans and with these special people he is very open and trusting.

...with strangers and unknown objects

When strangers visit his enclosure, Hiari is for sure not the first dog to greet them. But he is curious enough to approach the visitors and sniffs at them - sometimes he is even brave enough to jump up in front of the people. But he does not like to be cuddled intensively.

Hiari got braver over time and so it can happen that he enjoys having contact with strangers. When he was young, it happened several times, that he barked at visitors like crazy and kept a large distance between them.

… in puppy age

Little Hiari had some bad luck during his birth. His umbilical cord was bitten through a bit too close to the belly and so Hiari had to visit the vet shortly after his birth to stop the bleeding. Everything went well and he grew into a small fighter. Whenever there was trouble in the puppy pack, we could be sure that Hiari is a part of it.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Hiari: www.wolfscience.at/fostering-programs