The protector

  • Gender: female
  • Birthdate: 20.02.2022
  • Origin: Austrian animal protection organization
  • Related to: Kovu
  • In pack with: Kovu & Panya


... appearance

Youma is a pitch black, rather petite female with a single white marking under her chin. Her eyes are just as dark as her hair, which makes her a special challenge for every photographer. Youma's fur is still very soft and mostly short, but you can already see the beginnings of individual longer hairs, especially on the muzzle, so we assume that as an adult she will probably tend towards the rough-haired direction (like her mother). Youma's milk teeth are dazzlingly white and pointed like small daggers.

... character

Youma is a very agile, open-minded and very affectionate little female. While she loves to romp around the enclosure with her brother Kovu and play wildly when she gets tired, her favourite thing to do is crawl onto a human lap to sleep there. At night she likes to sleep on the animal trainer's pillow and complains loudly if she unintentionally falls down from there. Although Youma is much more delicate and gentle than her brother Kovu, the little lady still knows exactly what she wants.

When feeding, we sometimes have to make sure that Kovu doesn't snatch all the food away from his sister. Youma eats rather slowly and is less greedy than her brother. Nevertheless, the first training sessions are already a lot of fun for her and the little black lady can sit down on command and sometimes even give her paw.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Youma: