The strong-willed

  • Gender: female
  • Birthdate: 21.03.2014
  • Origin: WSC
  • Related to: Hiari
  • In pack with: Hiari

Imara means “the strong-willed”, which suits her very well. She knows exactly what she wants but shows it in a really cute and sweet way.

... appearance

She is the most graceful dog among her litter mates. Her fur colour is a light brown and resembles exactly her mother’s hair colour. While Nia has unimpressive floppy ears, Imara’s ears are a mix of floppy and upright.

... with conspecifics

She is quite independent and therefore also stays away from conflicts and group play. If necessary, she can defend herself very well and quite obviously shows when she doesn't like something. Her favourite hobby is to run up and down along the fence and bark like crazy. This is a hobby that she shares with her brother Hiari.

… when learning and in interaction with us

Also in contact with people she shows her independence. When she gets something into her head, it is difficult to dissuade her from it. If, however, she is not interested in something, it is nearly impossible to create interest.

She is not as cuddly as other dogs when in contact with us, but she likes a decent cuddling session if she is in the mood for it.

… with strangers and unknown objects

She simply ignores strangers. As she can’t expect food or directions from them, they are not interesting to her.

When confronted with unknown objects, she is quite confident, which helps her to solve nearly every task - as long as she is interested in the problem.

... in puppy age

Imara was a curious, lively puppy who was respected by her litter mates. She developed quite some independence at an early age and explored her surroundings. Although she was so independent, she loved the contact with us humans.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Imara: