• Gender: female
  • Birthdate: 04.05.2016
  • Origin: Russia
  • Related to: Maikan & Tekoa
  • Meaning of her name (Swahili): thunder


Taima is the second female of our generation of wolves in 2016. She is very gentle when she chooses to make contact, but since she is still shy, she prefers to observe what is going on around her from a distance.

... appearance

She is the only black wolf of the last generation and is rather small, only about half the size of our biggest wolf, Aragorn. Taima is also our only black wolf that has a white marking: a small, star-shaped spot on her chest. The white eyebrows that she once had as a puppy are now black. Because of her features she is easily recognizable.

... with conspecifics

Taima lived with Tala, Chitto and Tekoa until she was just over a year old. She felt happy in the pack and dutifully submitted to the two adults but dominated Tekoa. However, as observed in the puppy pack, Taima is strong-willed compared to other wolves and so it was not such a surprise that she and her brother raised themselves up through the ranks early on. Thus, we had to separate the two "little ones" from Chitto and Tala to restore peace.

She often plays in the enclosure with Tekoa and howls with him in competition. If one of the hand-raisers passes the enclosure with another wolf, they are rather friendly and submissive and wag their tails. However, if the other wolf is Chitto or Tala, then the fur on their necks and backs becomes raised and their tails are pointed straight up, which shows us that it was the right decision to separate the four.

... while learning and interacting with us

She is one of our shy wolves. When it comes to testing, Taima needs time to adjust to the situation or an object, but if she is sure that nothing can happen, and no stranger will interfere, she is eager to help. She is very smart and learns very fast. She is very gentle with people she knows, and happily rolls on her side for some belly scratches.

... with strangers and objects

Pack visits with strangers are fine for her - she has enough space in the enclosures to choose the distance, and her pack members provide her with the necessary support. She greets strangers cautiously and in rare cases sometimes stands for a short petting. On walks, she is still a bit unsure, so often she is accompanied by one of the hand-raiser’s dogs for support.

... in puppy age

Taima is the only black she-wolf among the puppies. Her dark coat was marked by clear bright markings, such as white brows and a white breast patch. Her big ears have already earned her the nickname "bat" or "Batgirl".

Compared to Ela and Etu, Taima is smaller and more delicate but knows how to hold her ground against the bigger wolves. What she lacks in size she makes up for with courage and determination. When the other four were tugging at a hare, you often saw her plunging into the fray and then disappearing with much of the prey.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Taima: www.wolfscience.at/fostering-programs