• Gender: Male
  • Birthdate: 04.04.2012
  • Origin: Minnesota, USA
  • Related to: Tala
  • Meaning of his name (Native American): wolf


... appearance

Amarok is a beautiful, grey male wolf and he is one of the biggest wolves at the Wolf Science Center. His coat is predominantly a light grey-white except for a few dark markings on his flanks. With increasing age, also his beautiful face becomes lighter. Due to his very slender figure and long legs he looks rather dainty for a male, especially in the summer. However, he has a fairly large head and big front paws. Besides, Amarok has got a silver canine tooth that is sometimes exposed when he opens his mouth.

... character

Amarok is the bravest wolf at the Wolf Science Center. He hardly fears anything, which is very uncommon for a wolf and is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is comparably easy to gain his trust and he does not bother physical contact, even with strangers. This is very beneficial for new trainers who start working with him. 

He can be quite bossy when it comes to his relationship with Kenai.  His leadership position is important to him and in case Kenai forgets that for a moment, impressive growling clarifies the hierarchy once again. New test apparatuses, of course, don’t scare him at all. On the contrary, it is highly questionable if the apparatus will outlive his destructive streak. For this reason Amarok is often the last wolf to be tested so that the other animals can be tested before him. In general he sometimes has issues to focus on a task. He is distracted easily and loses his patience quickly. Some might even call him the ADHD-wolf. However, when it comes to cuddling he is very calm and sweet.

... in puppy age

Already at a very young age Amarok was a fearless and open-minded wolf. This made him the leader of the puppy pack quite quickly, even though he had to fight with Chitto for this position. Wamblee however loved Amarok and followed him everywhere.  It is also worth mentioning his special interest for red fleece jackets. Without considering the person inside, he tried to usurp every fleece jacket he saw. He was also very entertained by stealing blankets of the caring people sleeping next to him. 


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