Time flies

Lennart Bossel (Interns)



I already have the first month of my three-month internship behind me, but it feels like only two weeks of the internship have passed.
I have already gained so many new impressions, made so many new experiences and learned so many interesting new things about my favorite animals. But that is by far not all.
For example, I can practice my English very well here because I have two great roommates from different countries.

I come from Germany and am doing my training as an educator at a Waldorf school. As a prerequisite for my internship, I had to look for an ecological and/or social project abroad. It
goes without saying that I came across the WSC, which deals with the behavior of wolves and is committed to the return of wolves in Austria, Germany, etc.

I probably couldn't have made a better choice than to come to the WSC. I only have nice, funny and relaxed colleagues, the atmosphere is great and the landscape is simple and
I'm really looking forward to the two remaining months at the WSC, and I'm already sad that I know that these will also pass in a flash.