Our PATREON project: the WSC in videos!

Aleksandar Orlic



While the Covid times put plenty of restrictions on all of us and limited our time we could spend with our visitors, it also offered us an opportunity to catch up on duties we were postponing due to the lack of time. 

One of the wonderful projects we started in 2022 is rescuing a few dog puppies and expanding our dog pack. You can get to know our new puppies (Youma, Kovu, Inaya, Kiano, Vitani, Moya, Sarabi & Taio) over our social media & homepage and soon, you can as well visit them through our visitor programmes.

Another project we started, something completely new to us, is opening our very own Patreon profile (www.patreon.com/wolfsciencecenter). For a long time we wished to share our work with people who live further away from us and to provide a way for our loyal visitors to regularly follow the development of our team. Patreon allows us to share videos of our work and our relationship with our animals with everyone who is interested to see them. We currently offer two levels of membership. One, where we share a video per month with you and the other, where, additionally to the videos you get to join us twice a year in an online seminar. In the videos and the seminars we will show you and discuss different topics of our work, from presenting you our animals to discussing our training techniques. 

The road to our Patreon page (which is now online for the last few weeks) took us, once again, through a hard, but wonderful path of learning. We learned how to record and produce videos and how to set up audio so you can actually hear us talk while we are surrounded by our animal colleagues. We learned how to hold the camera properly and what influence the sun and the shadows of our forest have on our recordings. We as well re-learned that our animals find the recording equipment very interesting and want to interact with it by nibbling on all dangly parts and pieces. The biggest lesson we learned is seeing our animals from yet another light and observing them closer to the way our visitors (you) see them. 

I would like to extend a big  “Thank you” to our team of trainers and animal keepers who tirelessly learn new skills to interact with our animals, collect data for scientists developing research and share our findings with you. Another special thank you goes to our scientific leader Marianne (Heberlein) who once again wowed us by showing us another skill which we didn't know she had (Marianne directs and produces our videos). And, of course, none of this would be possible without the contributions of our donors and foster parents to our animals. If you would like to join the team of our supporters, here is a link with some more information: https://www.wolfscience.at/en/supporting-wsc/.


Here is the link to our PATREON profile: https://www.patreon.com/wolfsciencecenter



Here a video example: