Howl-oween mischief!

Shania van der Ven (Intern)



The days are getting shorter, leaves are turning color and the pumpkins overflow the fields. Summer is finally turning into autumn everywhere around us. Everyone can feel it; humans as well as animals. As the trainers and interns put on their warm hats and scarves, the wolves started to grow out their winter fur again to keep warm during the coming months.

For the wolves, an exciting time is approaching with this: the breeding season. Much like children during trick or treating on Halloween, the wolves are already getting into more mischief than normal. So much so, that certain scientists (like me) are more and more often afraid the wolves are having a little too much fun getting close and personal with our equipment. One of these moments you can see in the picture of Amarok with the choice table. He got so curious about what was happening behind the curtain of the table, that he decided to have a look himself. Unfortunately for him, he could not read the correct answers to the coming trials from this angle.

On another occasion, Etu thought an up-close selfie break was needed (with the second picture as a result). He thinks it was definitely worth some extra treats and of course, he received those after completing the rest of his test session.

These funny moments (and many more) are one of the main reasons I have loved doing my master’s thesis here at the Wolf Science Center. Unfortunately, I will have to say goodbye to all the lovely animals and humans that I met during my time here as my project is coming to an end. I will never forget them, as they have a special place in my heart.