An unexpectet visit and a lesson of serenity

Hannah Kanwischer (Interns)



Together with my friend and study college I am conducting my master thesis at the WSC at the moment.

We are studying the influence of visitors on the dogs and wolves living there. However, before we can really start with our study, we, of course, have to try out our methods multiple times to make sure everything works once we finally start. To do so, we came to the WSC a few times already and saw it during a couple of different conditions.

On day, it was raining heavily so that the moufflons on the picture were basically our only companions. They were super curios and came to us again and again to see what those humans were doing and what interesting things they now came up with. The wolves and dogs of course were way less impressed by the rain than the visitors were. They were just laying around, sleeping, and living their best lives. It was almost like a little mini meditation to observe them. Never mind how strong the rain poured down, the animals took it as it was. They taught me that some things just cannot be changed, and it is best to take them as they come. Thanks for that