emily abt

Animal keeper


Hey, my name is Emily.

I've been an apprentice animal keeper since 2021. I have been called the animal girl since I was little. Sometimes people even made fun of me for wanting to save even the smallest fly. But I always didn't care! I am just an animal person and my life revolves around animals and nature. I would give anything for an animal to be well.

So it was also clear which profession I would choose... something with animals. I remember saying to friends, if I find a job that has dogs and wolves at the same time, I will definitely apply there. Wolves have always captivated me and my love for mixed breed dogs comes from my first dog, who was from Romanian Street and was as colorful a mixed breed as the dogs at the Wolf Science Center are.

Anyway, that's how I ended up here in Ernstbrunn, first for a walk with Tala, an adorable lady wolf, and eventually not just as a visitor anymore, but as part of the team.