Anna Griebler

Animal keeper


My Name is Anna Griebler and I’m the animal keeper of the WSC. Since I can remember I was fascinated by animals and they have always been part of my life. From childhood on I knew I later want to work with animals. After my final exams I started to study biology, but soon I realised I’m not a scientist. During my study I applied for an internship at the Zoo Vienna, which I got and started it in september 2015. Now I was sure I want to become an animal keeper and I wanted to gain more experiences in this area.

So I was searching for other possibilities to do an internship and I found the WSC. In November of the same year I started my non- scientific- internship and was able to collect further experiences. I also had the possibility to help with scientific projects at the same time. During my internship I applied for an apprenticeship at the Zoo Vienna, which should take three years. But the WSC preyed upon my mind and I came to visit regularly.

At the same time Kilio became part of my life and as chance would have it, he was an former WSC dog. As my apprenticeship came to an end I was asked if I want to work as an animal keeper at the WSC.

My tasks are to take care of the animals, the cleaning of enclosures and facilities and to help with scientific tests and visitor programs. I also take care of the food management. Every day is different and I’m glad that I can be part of this team.