The WSC through the seasons

Rita Fernandes (intern)



I arrived to the WSC in January, in the middle of winter.

It was one of the rare times I got to see snow, and while I was very excited at how white, fluffy and sparkly it is, I quickly realized it is an overrated a experience, as I slid up and down every slanted surface, when the snow turned to ice!

But it was wonderful to see the wolves so full of energy playing (and flirting!) with each other.

Unfortunately I had to quickly leave Austria in March, just as the weather was getting better, due to the start of the pandemic, and I was away for 3 months until I was able to return in July.

It was now the middle of summer, which makes the WSC a lot different. No longer snowy paths and naked trees, there’s now plenty of green and flowers everywhere, as well as beautiful wheat fields between the student house and Dörfles.

The activities have also changed quite a bit, no longer walking around in big puffy coats, unfreezing locks and doing our best to stay warm, we have now trimming grass and clearing the fences and making ice-lollies with meat, blood and sausages for the wolves and the dogs, so they can have some refreshing treats during the summer heat.

But somethings never change, such as Wamblee’s fear of legs and the uncertainty of if the wolves will shift or not, to let us clean the enclosures

Although I’ll only be around for a few more weeks, I’m very glad to have been able to experience the WSC throughout such different seasons!