Spring or an endless winter?

Femke van Steen (Interns)



When I arrived in Ernstbrunn in April, all the trees were bare and occasionally there was some snow. Even though spring technically started two weeks before, it really felt like it was still winter. But since it is my first time in Austria I had no idea what to expect of the weather anyway. For all I knew this was pretty normal. But turns out it is not! It is the coldest spring in 34 years.

Not only the trees were bare, but the whole park was empty as it was closed due to corona. So I was already here for a while before I got to meet visitors. Luckily I will still be here for another 4 months.

Somewhere between then and now there were some drastic changes. The park is open for visitors again and overnight (well, maybe a bit longer but it felt like it was overnight), the wildpark went from bare trees and empty ground to beautiful green trees and flowers everywhere. But all this beautiful green brings one disadvantage, it may be a bit harder to spot the wolves in their enclosure. But don’t worry, they are still there and they are looking forward to your visit!