Picture Perfect

Gabriella Dooey (intern)



Wildpark Ernstbrunn and the Wolf Science Center is the perfect location to snap some beautiful photographs, whether it be the diverse wildlife in the park ranging from Lady Bugs to the star attraction, the wolves, or even the picturesque scenery of Schloss Ernstbrunn and the sun setting over the meadows.

Since embarking on my project at the WSC six months ago, my life is now dedicated to observing the wolves and dogs in whatever the weather throws at me, wind, rain, sunshine or snow! Now that the seasons are changing, so are the wolves. During the winter these photogenic predators definitely filled the frame with their impressive fluffy coats, now with the appearance of spring the wolves are embracing their slim, sleek fur. Although it may be tiring at times, the best part of observing is the countless opportunities to photograph the wolves and dogs being their most authentic selves, capturing the rare, funny and candid moments like Etu showering Maikan with kisses, Una performing her best seal impressions, Kaspar in full puppy mode frolicking in the snow and Gero and Yukon, in unison, howling as the sun sets.

As an aspiring photographer, the WSC has given me an amazing opportunity to reach an important milestone in my future career in photography. Author Sylvia Schmölzer visited the park in search for a photo of her beloved spirit animal, a white wolf, luckily I had a few images of the wolves to choose from and she chose Gero, majestically howling to be on the cover of her new book. The book “Kartenlegen mit den Krafttieren” is about spirit animals and their abilities to interpret the past, present and future to lead you on the right path in life and to fulfill your destiny. Sylvia also very kindly gave myself and the WSC a copy of her book as a gift, I will forever treasure this gift as a memory of all the fun times and the great people I have met here.

Gabriella Rosa Photography – www.instagram.com/gabriellarosa_photography

Sylvia Schmölzer - https://www.sylviaschmoelzer.at/index.php