Anna Koinig (intern)



Many of us got a nickname at some point, so did the wolves and dogs at the WSC. But how do people come up with nicknames? Well, there are some ways to create name. The most important rule about creating a nickname is: creativity has no limits, this is how the best names emerge.

One variation is to end the regular name with an “i” for example “Maiki” or “Gombi”. This is one of many methods to create a nickname. Another one would be to turn a name into a rhyme; this is how Una turned into “Unibuni”. The most popular nickname-creations are probably the “schnu-names”. Almost all the animals have at least one name that ends with “schnu”. There we have for example “Amaschnu” or “Merschnu”. Nicknames can be given because of an animal's character traits. Therefore Bora has definitely earned the name “digging-Bora”.

At the WSC not only do single animals get a nickname, also entire packs can get one. Again, it is very important what makes that pack special. Because of that, the founder-pack got many names such as “Black Pack”, “Black Boys” or “Black Street Boys”. Layla’s pack is also living up to the name “Barkalots”.