Let's talk romance!

Dániel Rivas Blanco (intern)



The mating season is fast approaching, so it seems like the perfect opportunity to shamelessly talk about the love lives (or lack thereof) of some of our lovely canids. (Artistic liberties may or may not have been taken).
Let's start with Tala and Chitto. After they got separated from the Black Pack, Chitto tried to woo the indomitable Tala. She, however, rejected his advances; but it seems that, as of late, she started presenting herself towards Chitto. But Chitto seems to have stopped making any sort of moves on Tala. Is he just confused about her change of heart? Or is it just that he refuses to be her side dish? We may find out during this breeding season.

Things seem clearer with Nanuk and Una. As it would be expected from her moody nature, Una is one of the most flirtatious wolves we have, often trying to get attention from a mostly indifferent Nanuk. It wasn't all sunshines and rainbows for Una, though. At some point, she had to compete for Nanuk's attention with Yukon, now in Geronimo's pack. Although they have been separated for several years, their bitter rivalry remains to this day.

Speaking of Yukon, her pack is pretty much the dream of a soap opera writer that for some reason wants to make one about wolves (there's an unexplored market there!). Wamblee likes Yukon, and Yukon likes Wamblee... as a friend. Wamblee enjoys spending time with her, but she's engaged to Geronimo, whose leadership is undisputed... most of the time. Wamblee certainly makes the most of the little time he has alone with his beloved Yukon, when Geronimo is taken away for tests and the sort. Also, have I mentioned that Yukon and Geronimo are siblings? Just to add more rope to this Gordian Knot.

I also heard through the grapevine that Amarok pines for Taima, and that his feelings are requited. However, it's a love that's not meant to be, as they are from different packs. And I don't think (nor do I hope) that we're going to have some kind of Romeo and Juliet happening here at the WSC.

As for the dogs, Asali is a bit of a player. He's able to smell every female in the vicinity, and often gets excited when one of them is in heat in another enclosure. The always cheerful Bora doesn't seem to mind her packmate's... outgoing nature. Maybe she should consider keeping him on a tighter leash from now on.

There are, of course, more love stories that could be discussed; but I believe that's more than enough for our casual readers. Just make sure to come to the Wolf Science Center in the next few weeks to see the love in action!