Happy Birthday

Isabella Faffelberger (intern)



Actually the morning of the 6th of february didn’t feel like my birthday at all. Normally I always had a semester break at this time and it was at least winter weather. This day was actually a normal working day for me. It was a Tuesday, so Jour fixe at the WSC and a very vernal weather.

Since the next day was a normal working day for most of the others, but I still wanted to celebrate my birthday a bit, I decided to invite my colleagues from the WSC to the WSC house for dinner. My two siblings also came to visit me that day and were allowed to join us for a pack visit. I was very happy to share this special experience with them. The pack visit was really nice, as there was a very good mood. At least among the humans, the dogs and wolves were rather distracted and kept their distance. Not least because of the breeding season, where they have no head for something else.

The special thing about this pack visit was that my siblings and I were allowed to do a "Birthday Pack Visit" with Amarok and we were all warmly welcomed by him. No one can beat such a special birthday kiss and my siblings were also very happy about this experience.

Afterwards we went for a walk through the park and surprisingly met two other friends of mine, who gave me a surprise visit for my birthday. I was very happy about that and I really appreciate it, because it is a long way to drive with the car from their homes to the WSC. Together we all went to the WSC house, started to cook and prepared the dinner. There was also another friend of mine whose self made ‘summer rolls’ were the culinary highlight of the evening. I was very grateful for the help of my siblings and friends. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed cooking together and finally spending time together again. The buffet was set up on the big table in the kitchen and the first guests arrived at seven. We did a bit of music and people spread out in the living room and in the kitchen. Unfortunately, my friends and siblings had to leave soon after dinner because they had a long journey home. The rest stayed longer, most of them did not have it far away. It was really a very cozy atmosphere, everyone chatted and enjoyed the evening. There was even a small musical midnight insert. All in all, it was really a very nice and very happy birthday, which I will definitely remember forever.