Spring fever in animals and humans

Angy Rauter (intern)



Slowly but steadily I am approaching my sixth and last internship month at the WSC. I have no regrets choosing this internship. In the beginning, the days were getting shorter every day and sometimes the nights did not seem to end. When I reached the half-time of my internship - the best time started. It was Christmas time. The closer Christmas came, the fewer people were staying at the WSC. Besides a lot of fun, this also meant twice the amount of work for us.
Nevertheless, we had very pleasant Christmas holidays with the dogs and wolves here. Also Rooobert, our photographer, visited us and did not only take great pictures of the animals but also of us. These pictures will have a place of honour for a long time. We even had a donated Christmas tree in the WSC house and that made Christmas even more atmospheric. Although especially these “quiet times” were quite stressful and loaded with work, I do not regret it at all to have spent it at the WSC.
How could the new year start better than with howling wolves? Especially in these months (January, February) it is a special challenge for the trainers to work with the animals. It is mating season and their hormones are going crazy. It is no surprise that the wolf concert is never stopping.
Now that the days are getting longer, getting up in the early morning has become easier again. The walks I take with my dog Timon every morning and evening are becoming more fun again. Together we will fully enjoy our last month at the WSC.