Waving Goodbye

Lara Keeler (intern)



It feels like only a month since the current students started our internships at the WSC, when actually for most it has been five or six months. From the beginning, we never believed we would remember all the human and animal names, let alone learning all of the different quirks and specific details about each individual. To now where we love all of the funny differences each individual beholds.

I am lucky enough for my internship to last eight months, two whole months longer than most students so I can really use this time to fully enjoy everything about this place. However, staying for longer does have one downfall, you have to say goodbye to everyone when it’s time for them to leave. I feel like I have honestly made some real friends here, all sharing an interest in animals, specifically canines, immediately lead to us getting along well. The WSC is a very close group and all of the students live in one big house. When you are spending all of your time both working and living together you can really get to know each other in all ways. Therefore, I feel that these past five months have really provided enough time to form friendships and bonds which could potentially last a lifetime.

As the people leave I realise how happy I am that I still have another three months here, no one has wanted to leave but I know that they will definitely be returning to the WSC at some point in the future. As new faces appear in the team, it is exciting to share with them what we have been experiencing in our time here so far and I am glad that I can share these new experiences with them.

In the next few months the main focus is going to be training the animals and I really appreciate that I will have had the experience for both the testing and training of all of our animals.