An Unexpected End

Lara Keeler (intern)



When I applied for the student scientific intern role I knew I would come home with lots of new things; new experiences, information, skills and friends. However, I never expected to come home with one of these new friends, let alone that they would come in the form of a scruffy looking four-legged companion.

During my time at the WSC I have got to know some of the animals, especially the dogs, relatively well. I like them all in their individual ways, whether they’re more excited or calm but some stand out to me more than others. Some of the Wolf Science Center pack dogs had to go to new homes and lucky for me one of them was Maisha. I always had a soft spot for him and his little stump of a tail, forever a crazy workaholic, just wanting to please whoever had the food. But he also had a sweeter side to him who enjoyed being pet and loved licking faces.

So, when I found out that I could actually take him as my own, home to England, I was thrilled. I knew there would be a lot of training ahead of me, showing him how to be a ‘proper’ pet dog, no overly excited barking or ping-ponging back and forth when on a walk. However, I also knew that I would try my best to give him the perfect life and that with his motivation it would all hopefully work out in the end. I have now had him for three weeks and there have been lots of ups and downs, mostly ups though! I think he is adjusting well to his new life considering he has lived as a pack dog for the past eight years of his life, I expected there to be lots of problems but he seems to have settled in very well. His calmer and sweeter side has flourished and he is always wanting to please, whether there is food involved or not.

I have gained so many new experiences, learnt so much more than I thought I would and practiced many new skills. However, for me, coming home with my new companion is the best end possible to my placement here at the WSC.