Easter at WSC

Juliette Gratalon (intern)



Our annual Easter event took place on Sunday 1st April at the Wolf Science Center. First, all of the students baked cookies and meat balls for the dogs and the wolves. One of the trainers, Lina coloured some eggs. On Sunday morning we all prepared the small nests which were composed of two cookies, 3 meat balls and small pieces of meat and sausage. All of the nests were ready to be hidden in the enclosures. During the afternoon a stand with different combinations of treats was prepared next to the shop so visitors could chose what they wanted to hide. The first lucky pack was Maikan, Ela and Etu. The trainers first shifted the wolves outside so the people can could go and hide the eggs and treats. The wolves were happy and curious to search for the cookies and the public had a lot of fun watching them. The second pack was the black pack with Kaspar, Aragorn and Shima. They were so excited and enjoyed hunting for the eggs and cookies. They really made a show in front of the public. And finally the people went to visit Gombo and Haida while some of the students and the trainers visited Nia and Sahibu. The dogs were as enthusiastic as the wolves. As we prepared too many cookies, all of the animals could enjoy them  for the enrichment the day after.

If you are interested to cook biscuits for your dog at home here is the recipe :

  • 1 egg
  • 150g liver pate
  • 250g flour oat
  • 125mL water
  • 90mL cooking oil

Mix all of the ingredients together and bake it around 35-45 min at 200°c.