Christmas at the WSC

Charlotte Wiles (intern)



Overnight the WSC was transformed into a winter wonderland! The centre is situated in the middle of beautiful forest which has been coated in a blanket of sparkling snow. With winter comes the arrival of the wolf mating season, so the wolves are starting to become more active and play with each other in the snow. Una is in a very playful mood and has been trying to tempt old Nanuk to join her in running through the snow in their enclosure, and Chitto and Tala have been taste testing the snow! The WSC staff have also been having fun in the snow with a few snowball fights!

Taking the wolves and dogs out for walks in the snow is quite a challenge. The snow and cold weather have made the ground very slippery but thankfully the animals wait patiently for us as we fall over in the snow behind them. Visiting the wolves and during pack visits is very wet and cold but completely worth it to see the animals running around and digging in the snow, sneezing when the snow goes up their noses. And when the weather is too cold for the animals, they are able to curl up and get warm in their huts and houses.

The trainers, keepers, and students have all been getting into the festive spirit as well! Even the trainer dogs have been wearing their winter coats, some of which have been decorated with Christmas accessories. It is very interesting to see everyone’s Christmas traditions from their different home countries – this year was my first time celebrating St Nicholas Day! At the student house we have been sharing Christmas stories of Danish Nisse, Italian blind old ladies, and of course Krampus.

I am looking forward to starting the new year at the WSC and hearing about everyone’s Christmas holidays!