Crazy dogs

Emily Abt (Intern)



Wolves are the most fascinating creatures. Thanks to Tala (our wolfish princess) came across theintership in the first place. Every day anew I stand with my mouth open in amazement and fascination.

But this time I would like to put the dogs in the foreground.

Every morning when I have Animal Care, you can hear the dogs barking excitedly from far away. As soon as they see you, they can hardley wait to have first meal and have the enrichment (small pieces of beef head meat) spread around the enclosure. As soon as all the meat is idden and watering trough is cleaned, they are ready to start searching as possible. Even if you want to go for a walk with them, the excitement is great. But I have to mention that our dogs are raised and treated like wolves, so there are also certain rules for dog walking, so it has  to be learned beforehand. Which the wonderful animal trainers teach great and with good tips.

Whether it rains or storms, the dogs are usually ready for a walk.

For example, Imara and Lyla try to dust off dood on their walks or, especially in Lyla´s case, chase mice and them if they are lucky.

Enzi, our leash tangling mistress, and Panya would love to just dart off leash to run and dig fall over.

Hiaris passion is hunting and would put this passion into practice immediately if it weren´t for the leash.


It is always new fun to work with them and to deal with them.

Not forgetting our puppies who need a lot of time and attention, which they get day and night from the patient, compassionate and loving animal trainers.