Action and fun for the whole family!


In this 1-hour program, which is aimed specifically at families with children, the focus is on fun and our wolf Etu is the focus (because that's where he prefers to be).

After a short safety introduction, you will prepare a wolfishly exciting adventure playground for Etu together with an animal trainer or animal keeper and your whole family. For example, treats are hidden in piles of leaves, “sausage trees” are created, our special “enrichment” device is filled (let us surprise you), or gift boxes are filled with food.

When everything is ready, the two-legged friends leave the enclosure and wolf Etu is allowed to enter his very own playground. Right in front of the fence, you are essentially in the box of honor and can watch up close as Etu unwraps his presents, rummages through piles of leaves, or harvests pieces of sausage from the trees. Here you can expect pure action, because Etu loves to eat and will be very enthusiastic about it. Photos and videos are of course strictly permitted.

There is also the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our work and our animals at any time during the program.

Direct contact with the wolves is not possible during this adventure program!

Please note that the wildlife park entrance fee has to be paid additional.

Costs: € 220,00 flat rate for 1-6 participants
Duration: 1 hour
Minimum age: 6 years (at least 1 adult per booking)
Maximum number of participants: 6
Dogs: not allowed