Wolf Visit

Experience the amazing feeling of being close to the wolves!


This visitor program is only available in German. 

During a Wolf Visit you will have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a wolf without a fence in between, and to get to know our adorable dogs. You will be able to observe the wolves up close. You will have the chance to be a behavioral researcher for a day, by comparing the behavior of the wolves and dogs in their individual packs, as well as their change in behaviour in the presence of visitors. You are allowed to take your camera into the enclosure with you too, and take as many pictures as you like! Our animals are well used to having their picture taken, which means they are comfortable with having photographs taken and being videod. In fact, they quite enjoy posing for professionals and enthusiastic hobby photographers alike. Our trainers will be on hand to help you make your photos even better. Many different types of photos will be possible, including motion pictures, play scenes, “sausage trees” (you’ll find out on the day!) or graceful portraits.

During your Wolf Visit you will soon see that our animals have very different personalities. Their daily mood can vary, just like they can in us humans. For that reason it is the animals that decides how the visit will play out, which allows them to enjoy the visit as much as the humans. Be prepared for anything, your day could be filled with lots of action or be lovely and relaxed.

To ensure that you will be welcome in the enclosure, and will leave a good impression on your four-legged hosts, we will introduce you to some wolf and dog etiquette. As part of a one hour presentation you will gain some insight into our work here and will also receive a full security introduction. Then you will begin a one hour visitor program with the wolves and dogs.

If you would like to experience this event exclusively, only for yourself and your family and friends you can book a Wolf Visit de luxe. Contact us under 0664/60257 2640 or visit@wolfscience.at to get the information about the price and arrange your individual appointment. 

This offer is only available to people who are fully physically able. A certain physical fitness, as well as the compliance of the safety rules and dress code is required for the participation of this event. Should you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us.

  • Costs: € 320,00 per person
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Maximum number of participants: 5
  • Dogs: not allowed