Wolf visit deluxe

Experience being close to our wolves in a small group


During the “Wolf visit deluxe” you and 1-2 friends or family members have the unique opportunity to meet our wolves without a fence in a really small and private setting. Carry out your own behavioral research in the pack and compare wolves and dogs guided by experts. To individually set up this special program according to your wishes, you may select from two different options:

Focus on photography:

Choosing this focus, you can bring your camera, take it into the enclosure and shoot as many photos as you wish. Our animals are used to cameras from an earliest age and therefore will be great and experienced models for you. Depending on the particular animal(s) we can offer you movement shots, playing wolves, “sausage trees” (you will be surprised), or graceful portraits. Of course, we will try to meet your individual photographic needs as well as possible.


Focus on training:

Choosing this focus, we will try to give you a comprehensive understanding of our daily training with the animals (of course you are also allowed to take pictures). You will have the opportunity to watch a live training presentation. You will also gain insight into our special medical trainings, which are very important for the medical care of our animals. Learn from our animal trainers and become a training expert yourself!



You will quickly notice that our animals have very different characters. The daily form of our animals is not always the same, as we know ourselves. That is why the animals eventually decide how they would like to spend their time with us. This also ensures that the animals can enjoy the visit as much as we do. That is why we recommend to be open-minded as anything can happen (from action to deep relaxation).

To ensure that you make a good impression on your four-legged hosts, we will give you a short security introduction before you meet the pack. You will learn some basic wolf rules and how to behave in contact with our animals. This makes sure that it will be a nice experience for everyone. After this introduction, the 1,5 h visitor program starts.

As a memento of an unforgettable experience with our animals, you will also get a little wolfish surprise at the end of the program.

This offer applies to persons without handicap. Basic fitness and observance of the safety instructions and the dress code are required for the participation in this event. If you have questions or are in doubt please contact us at visit@wolfscience.at.

  • Costs: € 1500,00  Flat rate for 1 - 3 people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Min. age: 18 years
  • Max. number of participants: 3
  • Dogs: not allowed