Corinna Kratz

Animal trainer


I just finished my undergraduate studies in Biology when I started my internship at the Wolf Science Centre (WSC) in summer 2014. I wanted to gain some practical experiences in working with wolves and dogs on a scientific basis. I enjoyed that time so much that I returned in 2016 to work on my master thesis for 9 months. Like most of the employees, I was bonded by this special place. Since May 2019 I am working as an animal trainer-trainee.

Dogs represent an important part in my life. With them every moment is more beautiful. I call myself very lucky because I had the chance to grow up with dogs and experience living together with them. However, I’ve always questioned myself to whom do I actually owe my luck? How could pet dogs develop from wolves? What connects them, what distinguishes between them? How did humans and wolves get together and why do humans feel so close to wolves? Wolves fascinate me! Their highly social character, their calmness, their strength, simply their whole nature!

During my several stays in Ernstbrunn, I have learned something new about myself. Science is important and really exciting, that is why I became a behavioral biologist in the first place. However, what really amazed me was the dedicated work of the trainers with the wolves and dogs. I understood that the precious relationship and mutual trust between trainers and animals actually determine the performance of scientific tests. It can be described as a highly valuable, invisible bond providing the basis for most of the studies executed at the WSC and medical treatment of the animals as well as touristic attractions, e.g. leash walks with the wolves. The passionate work of the trainers inspired me to become an animal trainer myself. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that the wolves and dogs will accept me as a new member of the team. I am sure, that it is going to be a long and challenging journey but it is definitely worth it! I am so looking forward to working on my relationship with the animals and I am already enjoying every single minute of it.