Our dogs

Nine dogs currently live at the Wolf Science Center. They come from dog shelters in Hungary or were bred at the Center. We want to do research on "the dog" in general and hence decided to keep mixed bred dogs. As there are more than 300 registered dog breeds, it would have otherwise been difficult to set up a representative group of dogs. Here you can find out more about our animals and see that we have a lot of different characters and traits represented in our dogs.



Gentle giant

This big dog is friendly and intelligent. He always seemed too clumsy to be a leader but he proved us wrong.


Good Mood Dog

Bora is always in a good mood. She loves humans and can’t get enough of them and their strokes. She loves to lean against the fence in her enclosure, so she can be petted everywhere. If no stroking-service is available, she likes to play with Banzai. Their games are quite rough so you can hear them play from quite far away.


The Mumbler

Enzi means “strong” and “confident” in Swahili. He got this name, because he was the heaviest and longest puppy when he was born.


The wild old lady

Gombo could not stay in his old pack, so we were looking for a nice female companion for him. This is how Haida came to the WSC.



The lazy clever dog

Hiari knows what he wants. In general, he is quite insecure, but he knows exactly which things he likes and does not like to do. For sure, he does not have the “will to please” which is said to be typical for dogs.


The independent girl

Imara means “the strong-willed”, which suits her very well. She knows exactly what she wants but shows it in a really cute and sweet way.


“She who was born at night”

This black, beautiful dog is cheeky, cheerful and hyper. She seems to ask: “What are you doing?? I will join you!!” and seems to be waiting for the call to join in crazy adventures.



Little princess

The title “little princess” refers to both - her appearance and her behaviour. With her tall, slender figure and her white fur colour she is one of the most beautiful dogs we have. But also her behaviour would be classed “princess-like” by a lot of people.


Lively stiver

Zuri is our little wild child. She is a real workaholic. She tries to do everything right and even develops maniac behaviours with some tasks.