The wolf with a thousand faces

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 22. April 2012
  • Origin: Haliburton Forest, Canada
  • In pack with: Geronimo & Yukon

Many visitors first notice his bright yellow eyes, which stand out clearly from his black-gray fur.

The pretty "little" guy likes to be a model for our house photographer Rooobert Bayer. If you take 20 photos of him, then he has a different expression in almost every one of these photos, although they are not always very flattering, but are funny for us. :-)

... appearance

Wamblee was born black except for a white breast patch. Now, with age, his paws, legs and face have turned white/grey. He is quite petite for a male; when he is alone, he always looks quite small. However, when you see him standing next to Yukon, you notice that he is actually taller than her.

... with conspecifics

Wamblee wants to be more courageous than he actually is, and a rebuke from Geronimo is enough for his sense of confidence to dissolve. That is also the reason why from time to time you see him with his tail tucked between his legs when he is in the enclosure.

Yukon, however, is his big love! He often goes to her and nudges her to get her to play with him, but Yukon does not always want this and growls at him. But even though Yukon's reprimands are often harsher than Geronimo's, Wamblee's feelings disagree.

... while learning and interacting with us

He loves to do things with people. He learns very fast and always with great motivation, but only when it comes to his hand-raisers. However, he can even have problems with them too, as they have moving legs and Wamblee finds this extremely scary.

... with strangers and objects

Sometimes he can be a little scared, especially when it comes to exploring new objects and touching them. Then it takes a great deal of patience to get him used to a new test apparatus, especially if it moves.

He loves his carers and likes to be cuddled by them for hours. For strangers, the whole thing looks a bit different. Outside on a walk they are great, as he gets food when he gives them paw or nudges them with his snout. But in the enclosure, he is a bit more critical of strangers, so you have to keep an eye on him.

... in puppy age

Wamblee was our little "problem wolf" and came with his sister Kay from Canada. Although he was two weeks younger than the four American puppies, he was able to hold his own in the pack very well.

When he was two weeks old, he had problems with his swallowing muscles and so we had to feed him very carefully. This stayed for a long time, even after he "grew out" of his health problems, and so was always smaller than his sister.

But after a while, Wamblee caught up and was just as tall as Kay. No wonder, seeing as he ate until he had a round belly and was wider than he was longer. He was able to defend his food so well that the older puppies let him eat in peace.

Although Wamblee often played with the bigger ones - often yowling like a puppy - he was rather withdrawn in the pack. He had a small place under some large tree trunks where he often lay alone in the shade. At first Wamblee was cautious with us humans, but at night he liked to cuddle up to his known foster parents.

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