The leader

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 4. April 2012
  • Origin: Minnesota Wildlife Connection
  • Related to: Amarok
  • In pack with: Chitto

Tala lead the pack within 10 months. At first, she was overwhelmed with her new role, but she grew into it very well. However, it is still very important to her to make it regularly clear that she is the boss.

After four years, Tala had to part with the Black Pack and formed a separate pack with Chitto. In 2016, the two were joined by Tekoa and Taima. Unfortunately, the two youngsters were not as easy to handle for Tala and especially Chitto as they might have thought at the beginning. That's why we had to separate the four again in the summer of 2017.

... appearance

Tala has a unique colouring as her coat has a slightly browner coloration than the previous generations. The distinct white eyebrows that made her unmistakable as a puppy have unfortunately grown out over time. But with her slim, muscular frame, she has a fine figure.

... with conspecifics

Compared to lower ranking animals, Tala is very assertive and often shows that she is in charge. She likes to play chase with Chitto but clearly shows him who the boss is in the pack. If we have bad weather, she has always preferred to be huddled in the straw with the whole pack.

... while learning and interacting with us

Tala is not always the most motivated in tests. If she does not enjoy a test or has had some failures, a test with her may take a little longer. In tests that are fun for her she is more focused and motivated. On walks, she is either very motivated to work or completely ignorant and difficult with short motivation to work, there is not much in between.

In dealing with us, she is always nice and can also be stroked by "her" people, and even in medical examinations we rarely have problems with her.

... with strangers and objects

In principle, Tala has no problems with strangers or objects. During pack visits, she is always one of the first who sniffs out the new people in the enclosure and enjoys getting petted. However, how long she stays with the group often depends on the weather and her mood. In midsummer, it can sometimes happen that it gets too hot after a few minutes and she withdraws into the shade to sleep.

... in puppy age

Tala was the puppy with the darkest markings, and was also called "mask", with a dark grey brown face and a nearly white chin. Additionally, she had the strongest fur colour contrasts on her body of all the puppies. At first, it was only her dark complexion that distinguished her from the others.

She did not like being alone already as a puppy, but always wanted to be with her pack members. She played a lot with the younger puppies and was very gentle. Although she was a rather quiet wolf, she sometimes got really loud when playing with her siblings.

Like her brother Amarok, Tala always seemed calm and composed, often observing the action from a distance, or lying in the shade, unimpressed by any action around her. She did not show much interest in new people, but she loves her hand-raisers very much. When the puppy-raisers slept with them, Tala was the first to snuggle up and the last to get up in the morning. But before falling asleep, she liked to chew on the toes of her carers.

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