Our cuddle wolf

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 28. April 2009
  • Origin: Triple D Farm, Montana, USA
  • In pack with: Una

Nanuk is satisfied lying in the shade. Now and then he looks up at the birds or looks around him at his surroundings with his head tilted. He is usually incredibly relaxed as long as nobody challenges him.

... appearance

Nanuk is a fluffy, light and handsome wolf. He looks friendly, because he often tilts his head in a questioning way, which unfortunately, is due to problems with his cervical spine. He has mainly brown-white fur and the largest head of all our wolves. Especially in winter you can hardly resist a comparison with a lion, if you look at his lush and fluffy neck fur.

... with conspecifics

Nanuk is a real leader. Even when he was in a pack with the other Americans, he had the last say. Geronimo challenged him again and again, but Nanuk defended his position forcefully.

After some pack changes Nanuk is currently in a two-wolf pack with Una. Sometimes it seems he is still mourning his harem with Una and Yukon. In any case, he still greets Yukon whenever they see each other from a distance, assuming Geronimo (his old rival), is not near Yukon. Then the competition is of greater importance than the old friendship.

Outside the mating season, it sometimes looks like Nanuk and Una are not so much a pair, but if one is taken out without the other, there is a lot of howling and sometimes it takes some persuasion to coax the one to leave the other and to come with us. But as soon as you get passed their home enclosure, then the environment is much more exciting, and the partner, at least for a while, is a minor matter.

Sometimes Una is a bit too energetic for Nanuk when she has one of her playful energy burst. But now and then Nanuk turns into a puppy again and frolics through the enclosure together with Una.

However, when it comes to food, any friendship ends and it’s everyone for themselves, but they have that in common.

... while learning and interacting with us

There is no doubt that Nanuk is a smart wolf. But it would be nice if he just came into the test room without any games or hesitation!

If he is not putting the trainer's patience to the test, he is very nice to us humans. This is because he has been hand-raised since his first few days. He also loves to be cuddled and sometimes even gives kisses.

... with strangers and objects

Strange objects are not always disturbing, but that could also be because he does not see so well out of one eye. His motto is that it is safer to first be afraid of it, and only when it is not moving is it safe enough to take a closer look at it. However, things above his head are always scary, whether new or known.

He probably has the least problems with strangers. On the contrary, his favourite pastime is to scent-roll in people. Aftershave, laundry detergent, sunscreen, etc. are all very interesting odours for him that he would like to have on himself. That's why he tries with all his strength to vertically scent-roll against people, and they must then seriously take care that they do not fall over.

... in puppy age

Nanuk was really unlucky after his birth. His mother did not want to raise him or his brother, so he had to be bottle-fed from the beginning.

Due to this he greatly appreciated the closeness of his people. In order to get on the lap of his foster parents – it was just easier to sleep better there - he got used to demanding this privilege with a loud howl.

Nanuk's second bad luck in life was Otitis media (an infection of the middle ear space). Although it healed well, it left a visual impairment and as a result, he can’t see too far into the distance.

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