The muscleman

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 4. May 2016
  • Origin: Russia
  • Related to: Tekoa & Taima
  • In pack with: Etu

Maikan is a handsome, very motivated wolf male who is very affectionate to his caregivers, but above all to his pack. Otherwise, he is rather sceptical and careful.

... appearance

Maikan has become the largest and most powerful of our three "Russians". He is a very handsome male with a relatively high proportion of brown colouring in the coat. His beautiful brown eyes catch everyone's attention.

... with conspecifics

He loves his pack above everything and therefore hates it when he is left apart from the others. The joy is accordingly great when everyone is together again.

He is the boss in his small, two-headed pack. He is usually very confident and does not need to show on every occasion that he is the boss. But if Etu becomes too intrusive and annoys Maikan, he can loudly be heard reproaching him. However, when it comes to food he is not particularly generous and bitterly defends his food, or what he considers his food.

... while learning and interacting with us

Maikan has developed wonderfully and is very affectionate to his caregivers and loves contact with them. In training, he is extremely attentive and always motivated to join. From time to time we have to watch out for our hands, because sometimes he forgets himself and can take the food very roughly.

Our Maikan has two personalities. He can be highly motivated and go out of his way to figure out whatever the humans want him to do, in return for food, of course. On the other hand, he is extremely anxious in new, unfamiliar situations. His brain then turns off and he needs a break until he can determine very slowly that what is in front of him is not soooo bad. After this, he can then continue with his renowned motivation.

... with strangers and objects

He is mostly open-minded and curious about strangers and likes to come closer and sniff them. He also loves to "work" with them when the trainer asks to give people his paw or to touch their fists with his nose. He can only enjoy being stroked in certain situations. For this reason, guests are requested to only touch him when explicitly told to stroke him by the trainer.

If objects are well-known, then it is no problem for him. However, if they are new, he is often frightened of it and takes quite a while to befriend it. Thus, our good Maikan was the first wolf who was scared of a pumpkin. It took a very, very long time until he could even approach this orange round-looking object.

... in puppy age

Maikan was the bravest of the three little "Russians" and has certainly adapted the fastest to his new home. From a very early age he wanted to be a boss and was not always very gentle with his pack members. Until one day they had enough and bullied him quite badly. From that day on, he was suddenly "saintly" ;-). Well not quite ... He was still bursting with energy and "amusing" ideas.

If something did not suit him, he would clearly state it. With increasing age, he has become more balanced and calmer which has helped us a lot. In his early childhood he was a real rascal, who always helped to destroy the mattress, but then he would be very clingy and desperately wanted to sleep in bodily-contact with humans.

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