The Blob

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 4. May 2016
  • Origin: Canada
  • Related to: Ela
  • In pack with: Maikan

Etu is one of the three males of the wolf puppy generation of 2016. He is a curious contemporary who comes up with stupid ideas from time to time. He's always thinking of nibbling here, chewing around over there, or pulling on a cord right at the back somewhere. His curiosity knows no boundaries.

... appearance

Like his sister Ela, he has the typical Timber Wolf colouring, which is predominantly grey, with some brown accents and dark-coloured markings on his back, neck and face. He has a pretty impressive appearance with his big, massive figure and huge paws. His eyes, which were blue during his puppy time, are now a greenish yellow tone.

... with conspecifics

Although he is the largest wolf in his pack, he is not the alpha male. He does not have an assertive strong character, which is a prerequisite for this position. He readily submits to Maikan when he pushes him to the ground and stands over him. But with his sister it’s another story. He is not submissive to her, but always tries to dispute with her over her food. However, he has become less and less successful as she does not give up so easily and beside this he also has to take care of his own food, otherwise Maikan steals his while he tries to get Ela's food.

... while learning and interacting with us

Etu could do much better in testing if he focused more on the test. His curiosity, coupled with his impatience, often stands in the way of successful completion of an experiment. He is also much more boisterous than the other puppies when he greets us. He is a pretty friendly wolf, who likes to lick people all over their face, and if the facial hair permits it, sometimes pull on people’s beards too. He loves to do that! Apart from that he's also trying to maintain bad habits from his puppy-time, such as nibbling on shoes, as we try to teach him to unlearn these habits.

... with strangers and objects

Etu behaves well with strangers as long as he is kept busy by us. As soon as he has only a little time to think, he gets bored and is overwhelmed with the situation. Unfortunately, his only way to get out of this situation at the moment is to be cheeky and pushy to us or the visitors. In the process he pulls on clothes or nibbles on shoes. Since this behaviour can quickly solidify and become problematic, Etu is currently in training and has no contact with strangers at the moment.

Etu is not afraid of new objects. On the contrary, he loves to investigate new things and if the object is destructible, to also destroy it.

... in puppy age

Etu was the most curious and fast-growing puppy, which was not really a good combination, because he could quickly reach things and chew on them, which didn’t do them much good. For example, on our blankets, which we stored high up during the day so that we could sleep on them at night again. Etu has always chewed on everything. From time to time he has woken the trainers up by nibbling on their mattresses or on their hair. Like his sister Ela, he was not a high-ranking puppy in the puppy pack, even though he was the biggest. On the one hand, he does not have a dominant character and on the other hand, he grew faster than his coordination could keep up with and so he was always a bit clumsy.

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