The clown of the pack

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 7. April 2012
  • Origin: Minnesota Wildlife Connection, USA
  • Related to: Una
  • In pack with: Tala

Chitto is a master in the art if living who does not take life too seriously and usually gets what he wants with his stubborn friendliness towards higher-ranking pack members.

He is a true sunny boy, who can win everyone over with his gentle character. If there is a hick-up in a relationship, then there is nothing better for him than using playful games to smooth the waves again.

... appearance

Chitto is our biggest, but not our heaviest wolf, and his most striking features are his bright blue eyes. This makes him very easy to distinguish from the rest of the animals. Otherwise, he has a lighter brown-grey coat with relatively thick legs and big paws.

... with conspecifics

He took the fourth place in Kaspar's pack, but still had a quiet life as both Kasper and Aragorn were fairly relaxed around him, as long as he did not challenge them he was largely left alone. Often, he used submissive behaviour to an almost painful level, to get what he wanted, and this often succeeded as the other two males sooner or later gave way.

Since 2016 he is the alpha male and has had to deal with the puppies, who behave exactly like he did when he was young. And as life goes, when one is confronted with one's own personality one does not come to terms with it so easily. Especially, if there are two of the same that, when combined, outdo you. Unfortunately, the 2 strong-willed puppies were too much for Chitto, so now he only lives together with Tala.

... while learning and interacting with us

Chitto is a wolf who sometimes thinks too much when working or during a test. He thinks every day about whether he really wants to work and especially ponders if he feels like moving from one enclosure to another, not possessing nearly the work routine that our Black Pack shows.

However, if he decides to work then he is a fast learner and very efficient in solving problems. On the treadmill he is fussy and progress is only made in small steps, because he notices even the slightest changes in speed. However, we largely avoided this problem by letting him jump sideways onto the treadmill, so now he can perform a nice trot.

Not only was he able to manipulate his former packmates well with his stubbornness, he often also has us humans under control. The only thing that helps us with Chitto in these situations is patience: you just have to be more stubborn than him. Other than this, he can be really cuddly and likes to be petted by us.

... with strangers and objects

He has always been a friendly and relaxed character towards strangers, carefully sniffing and inspecting them. He enjoys petting during the pack visits and is very relaxed on the wolf walks offered to tourists. His reaction to new objects depends on his mood, but in principle they are more interesting to him than scary.

... in puppy age

Chitto was a very curious little show-off who hides a delicate creature behind his Rambo facade.

Chitto has always had a calm personality but wanted to keep everything under control. That's why he often lay to the side and watched the action in the puppy enclosure. He also loved the fighting and playing.

At the beginning of his puppy-age, his sister Una was his favorite playmate, but he also liked to annoy the little Wamblee now and then. We also had the impression that Chitto wanted to replace Amarok as leader. But if Kay and Wamblee ate, he could not control the situation. When he tried to get to the food, they defended it vehemently and he had to wait until they had filled their bellies.

Chitto welcomed familiar people attentively and enthusiastically. That meant for everyone: Take care of your noses! With strangers he was initially distant but cooperated wonderfully when food was involved.

During his first walks on the leash Chitto was very jumpy. His pack-step-sister Tala, on the other hand, remained cool, even as a donkey began braying "HEE-HAW".

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