Our biggest wolf

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 4. May 2008
  • Origin: Herberstein, Austria
  • Related to: Shima
  • In pack with: Kaspar 

Aragorn is the calm in wolf format. Our largest, gray-black wolf watches the action in the park with its orange eyes.

... appearance

With an average of 50 kg, he is clearly our heaviest wolf. With age, a lot of white has mixed into his black coat, but this has not change his imposing appearance.

... with conspecifics

He is not the leader in his pack. Even though he is physically superior to Kaspar, he has no interest in the strenuous job of the Alpha-Animal, he likes to leave that to Kaspar. The only important thing is that he always gets his share to eat. Aragorn is very social and was the first to regurgitate food for new puppies! He also once protected a sick pack member (Cherokee, meanwhile deceased).

During the mating season in spring 2010 and 2012, we could see from Aragon's behaviour that he is not always satisfied with his submissive role in the pack: he had begun to lift his leg on walks. This is normal for dogs, but for wolves it is only the alpha animals that display this behaviour. Aragorn, however, knew well enough that he was not allowed to do so in the enclosure in front of "Chief" Kaspar - so he took the opportunity during the walks.

... while learning and interacting with us

Aragorn is a real workaholic. Even if he has just eaten and looks like he is pregnant, he still likes to come out of the enclosure and is still motivated to go on a walk with visitors and work for them. With tests he is always one of the first to be tested along with Kaspar and Shima, because you can count on him to make every effort to do well.

Like Kaspar, Aragorn is not a wolf who enjoys being petted. Sometimes when he is in the mood, he can enjoy it, but most of the time he prefers to work. The only thing to watch out for with him is the food pockets. He likes to take the opportunity to help himself if you are not careful.

... with strangers and objects

With strangers and objects he generally has no problem, which is why we like to work with him for film crew demonstrations. You just have to be careful that if he starts staring at someone then they should look away, otherwise it can easily happen that he becomes insecure and gets scared, and then you can forget about working with him because he starts to avoid everyone.

... in puppy age

Little Aragorn sometimes had tantrums when we wanted to take away something he had stolen. That's now in the past and he has evolved into a very calm and confident wolf. There is almost nothing that can upset him. Nevertheless, he has remained very goal orientated; if he wants to achieve something, he does not give up easily.

Walking - that was probably his favourite pastime. As soon as he saw the leash in our hand, he came running up and stretched out his head to let us put the collar on.

Besides this, he and Shima were always first when it came to training or experimenting. Often, he pawed the door to open it - he no longer wanted to wait for us humans, he wanted to do it himself.

Although he was not the alpha animal in the pack, he defended his food against Kaspar. Nobody could take away what he had once it was his (that has stayed that way). After a while nobody tried anymore. As a puppy, however, he was the last one to accept the bottle!

He was and is the only one who steals things that do not smell like food ... he once defended a ball for four days!

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