The Grinch

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 4. April 2012
  • Origin: Minnesota Wildlife Connection
  • Related to: Tala
  • In Pack with: Kenai

Amarok is certainly one of the few wolves that is almost never afraid of anything. This makes it possible to do a lot with him on the one hand, but on the other hand, no one is as big a fool as he is.
The name Grinch does not come by chance, because he gets frustrated very quickly and then hardly can hold himself back. Unobserved, he likes to break everything that gets in his way and sometimes even pesters people he does not know more than they would like.
Apart from his impulsive nature, he is completely adorable and always motivated to work.

... appearance

Amarok is a beautiful grey male, and one of our biggest wolves besides Aragorn and Chitto. His coat is predominantly a light grey-white except for a few dark markings on his flanks. Due to his very slender figure and long legs he looks rather dainty for a male, especially in the summer. However, he has a fairly large head and big front paws.

... with conspecifics

Amarok is not always so easy with his conspecifics, and he can sometimes be quite exhausting for his packmates. Even as a puppy, he quickly took over the leadership position and still likes to claim it, but often does not appear quite so confident. In contrast to some other alpha males, like Geronimo, who is often able to assert himself completely without any body contact, Amarok acts impulsively and tries to confirm his leadership position again and again through loud behaviour.

... while learning and interacting with us

Amarok is often too impulsive and over-motivated during learning and test situations, and thus sometimes unable to concentrate on the actual task. When Amarok is in the test house, it is important to keep a close eye on all test items, as he may enjoy grabbing the camera or other items.

Since he is friendly but too overenthusiastic in interactions with us, we regularly work with him on his impulse control. Apart from that, he is one of the easiest wolves when it comes to new situations, since he is not afraid of anything.

... with strangers and objects

With strangers and objects Amarok has little difficulty. Often his problem is that he is too excited. We make sure that he does not overwhelm himself. For example, when dealing with strangers we allow him some time out, which helps him to calm down.

... in puppy age

Amarok was a very open-minded wolf already as a puppy, who quickly became the leader of the little puppy pack with his confident nature. As an apparent leader in the puppy pack, he had to fight with Chitto for leadership. Wamblee, on the other hand, loved Amarok like a big brother and followed him everywhere.

Early on, Amarok developed a special fondness for red fleece jackets: he enjoyed biting into the sleeves and tried to grab the jacket for himself- regardless of the person in it. He apparently also thought it was fun to pull the blankets off the people who slept with him at night.

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