Our Team

The backbone of the WSC

More than 40 people perform various tasks at the WSC and make our research therefore possible. Find out more about our founders, scientists, animal trainers, administration, students/interns, photographers and tour guides.


Several people share the scientific and operational lead of the Wolf Science Center. 


Many researchers work at the WSC on both long- and short-term projects. Often their PhD or Postdoc research is conducted at the WSC. Almost all projects are funded by external research funds.

Animal Trainers and Animal Keepers

Our animal trainers and animal keeper take care of the well-being of our animals, carry out behavioural tests and train them on a daily basis.


In the control room of the WSC - the office building - the employees take care of book keeping, procurement, agenda setting, project management, visitor programs, godfather programs, media requests and much more. 

Students and Interns

Whether for the purpose of writing a bachelor or master thesis along with a scientific internship or for getting to know the work of an animal trainer or manager - there are always several students and interns at the WSC. By working and studying at the WSC the students and interns not only support the research, but also help with other tasks, such as giving guided tours, helping with animal keeping, preparing food or assisting the management team.

Tour Guides

At the Wolf Science Center you can book tours about our work for school children, families or companies. In the months with the highest frequency of visitors, we give more than 10 tours per week and the Tour Guides are our greatest supporters in doing so. They are team members who are very interested in our research and our training. For conducting a tour, they are using their free-time to travel to the WSC and to pass on their enthusiasm to our visitors. 


Without our photographers, we would not be able to present as we do the WSC on our webpage and other media, as it is. Taking pictures of our - sometimes quite shy - animals, takes a lot of patience and empathy and so we are very greatful for the time our photographers are investing into the WSC. 

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