Lively stiver

  • sex: female
  • birthday: 24.06.2011
  • origin: Hungary

Zuri is our little wild child.


“Is that a golden retriever mix?” This is what people ask us about her all the time but we can’t say for sure. With her long, dark golden fluffy fur and the hanging ears, she definitely looks like a smaller version of a golden retriever, or at least a mix which contains golden retriever.

... with conspecifics

She gets along very well with her packmates. She sometimes has some troubles with Layla, but also they do not last for more than some minutes. Although Layla and Zuri could never really agree on who of them is the boss, Zuri managed to convince Panya that she is the leader and so Panya behaves very well when Zuri is around.

Zuri does not get along very well with female dogs from other packs or dogs of visitors. As she is quite insecure, she found out that attack is the best form of defense. For that reason she is one of the dogs that students are not allowed to take for a walk. She can be distracted quite easily, when passing the other enclosures but when the training starts too late and she has already focused on the other dogs, she can freak out and shows her anger with angry barks.

… when learning and in interaction with us

When we take Zuri out of the enclosure to work, she can’t decide whether she wants to jump up on us, lick our faces or be petted. Sometimes she immediately throws herself on her back to have her belly groomed. Zuri loves humans and this is also why everyone falls in love with her.

She is a real workaholic. She tries to do everything right and even develops maniac behaviours with some tasks. Sometimes she stares like crazy at the touchscreen when she has to wait for the next task to appear. This hyper-motivation results in less concentration so although she is very motivated she is not always successful in tests.

… with strangers and unknown objects

Zuri is very friendly to strangers. Only her wild temperament is not liked by everyone. During pack visits she rather takes a step backwards as to not get into a conflict with Layla. In that case we leave Zuri alone, because we would provoke a fight between Layla and Zuri, if we gave Zuri attention. This is why Zuri gets an extra load of cuddles when we take her out of the enclosure for tests or training.

...in puppy age

Zuri was by far the most active and lively member of our dog family! No one was safe from her. Especially when we were not expecting it, she jumped on us and cuddled with us. After the cuddling sessions she licked us all over our faces, so that we felt as if we had just taken a shower.

But Zuri did also claim attention from her packmates. Their play got quite rough sometimes. In the end, they were always happily lying next to each other - relaxing after an exhausting play session.

Zuri was our little wildchild.

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