The wild old Lady

  • sex: female
  • birthday: 04.06.2007
  • origin: Austria

Gombo could not stay in his old pack, so we were looking for a nice female companion for him. This is how Haida came to the WSC. Before she came to us, she lived in the north of Lower Austria with a musher. In her past, she was part of a big sled dog team. Despite her age, she is in a very good condition. Her living conditions did not change a lot through her movement to the WSC. At the WSC she has a slightly bigger enclosure and a partner dog which belongs only to her. Additionally, she enjoys it very much to be occupied by the students and to go for long walks. Her name does also fit very well to the WSC. The “Haida” are a tribe of native americans in Canada and thereby one of the 600 first nations of the country.

… appearance

Haida was bred to be a sled dog. Her appearance resembles a european sled dog. She has a three-coloured fur (brown, white and black), elegant long legs and a short but thick fur with a lot of undercoat and hanging ears.

... with conspecifics

Along the fence, she is not very nice to other dogs, especially not to stranger dogs. When she is in direct contact with conspecifics she is insecure in the beginning but then turns into a very social and friendly dog.

The atmosphere between her and Gombo was absolutely great - from the beginning onwards.

... when learning and in interaction with us

In her former life, Haida did not have to learn the basic commands. But then learned them very fast here at the WSC. She is very food-motivated and therefore easy to train. As she is a former sled dog, the biggest challenge for us is to teach her walking on a loose leash.

When working with us humans, she is very friendly and cooperative.

... with strangers and unknown objects

As she got to know a lot of strangers in her life and travelled a lot, she is very confident when meeting strangers and also strange objects.

... in puppy age

Unfortunately, we don’t have information on Haida as puppy.

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