Good Mood Dog

  • sex: female
  • birthday: 02.08.2011
  • origin: Hungary
  • Related to: Layla
  • In pack with: Asali

Bora is always in a good mood. She loves humans and can’t get enough of them and their strokes. She loves to lean against the fence in her enclosure, so she can be petted everywhere.

… Appearance

Bora is for sure one of our most beautiful dogs. Her fur colour - brownish-gold - and her cute face make her unique and the favourite of nearly all our students. She is medium-sized and her fur is long and straight.

Her barks are loud - too loud sometimes - and very high. Her sister Layla’s barks are the same so it seems to be genetic.

Nevertheless she has a lovely character and memorability.

... with Conspecifics

For the first months of her life, Bora lived in the Nuru pack, but Bora had some fights with her sister Layla and the lively Zuri, so Bora founded her own pack together with Asali. Later, her nephew Banzai joined her pack.

Until today, Layla, Zuri and Bora do bark at each other a lot, when they are passing the enclosure of the others.

In her current pack with Asali, Bora is very friendly and loves to play in the enclosure. 

... when learning and in interaction with us

In training situations Bora is mostly very motivated and loves to work. Only when working on the touchscreen she has problems, because she is a rather small dog and does not have enough power to press her nose against the screen - she rather touches the screen gently with her nose.

Bora is very human-oriented and tries to solve every task. When we visit her pack, all the dogs jump around happily. Bora is often the first dog to calm down and enjoy calm petting sessions.

If a test seems too boring to her, she prefers to run around in the test enclosure and dig for mice rather than focus on the task.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Bora is approachable by strangers and has her own fanclub among the students.

Unknown objects, however, are a different story. She was so afraid of a big, red ball that she managed to jump over a fence which was 1,8 metres high! When Bora is afraid of something, she makes her unique barks and tries to run away from the object.

... in puppy age

Already as puppy, she was one of the cutest dogs. With her short nose and round face, she attracted a lot of attention. She always loved to dig for mice and “destroy” toys and other things. Later in her life, she even managed to destroy a pulse watch. After some months, it became clear that she won’t live peacefully together for long with the other same-aged females, Zuri and Layla, which is why she quickly came into a pack with Asali.

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