Gentle giant

  • sex: male
  • birthday: 13.09.2010
  • Related to: Binti
  • In pack with: Bora

This big dog is friendly and intelligent. He always seemed too clumsy to be a leader but he proved us wrong.

… Appearance

Asali is our biggest dog and he has the longest fur! With his sad, cute eyes and his scraggly fur he sometimes appears like a wise old “man”, who observes things from afar…..

... with Conspecifics

Asali lived in a pack together with Bora and Banzai and was the boss out of the trio. He showed a lot of patience in his function, especially towards Banzai, as he was quite cheeky and insubordinate towards Asali sometimes. When Banzai and Bora ran and played around in the whole enclosure (often quite loudly), Asali kept some distance and went his own way. Since Banzai left the WSC, he lives alone with Bora.

... when Learning and in interaction with us

Asali is a very representative dog for us. He works very reliably and has never let down the trainers when giving presentations.

Only on the touchscreen he is not easy to train, as he often salivates so much, that the screen has to be wiped dry all the time and therefore the test takes a long time.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Also towards strangers, Asali is very friendly and is happy about pack visits. Unknown objects are not problem for him either.

... in puppy age

Already as puppy, Asali was a gentle giant. Playing with his pack mates Tana and Meru, things got a bit rough sometimes but with little Bashira, he was always very careful - a real gentleman. If something interesting happened outside, Asali was often the first one to run outside and observe what was going on. Apart from that, he was rather a silent observer.


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