femke van steen

scientific intern


Hello! My name is Femke and I am from The Netherlands. From a very early age it was apparent that I am interested in animals. From small critters in our garden to large carnivores in zoos and on tv, I loved (and still love) them all. So it came to no ones surprise that I decided to study biology at the university of Wageningen. I got my masters degree in November 2020. During my study I discovered that I am very interested in topics like ecology, genetics and evolution. I decided to specialize in behavioural ecology as it perfectly combines these topics and my love for animals.

Some of the highlights of my study were a field trip to the Pyrenees to study the plant and insect community, field work for my masters thesis in Botswana, where I studied the vigilance behaviour of large herbivores around waterholes. And last but not least my internship in Brazil, where I worked on a project about birds.

I am so grateful that even after graduating, I still have the possibility to add this internship at the WSC to my list of awesome experiences. I am looking forward to learning new skills and spending 6 months in these beautiful surroundings!