Beauty in white/grey

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 2. May 2009
  • Origin: Tripple D Farm, Montana, USA
  • Related to: Geronimo
  • In pack with: Geronimo & Wamblee


... appearance

Just like her brother Geronimo, Yukon had a particularly distinctive coat and exceptionally pretty, slanted eyes. However, the coloring of her coat has faded over the years, so that she appears to be completely white today (at least if one does not look so closely). Yukon´s special trademark is the fur tuft on the bridge of her nose, a small spot on which the fur grows in the other direction, which we often call "ridge-nose" (derived from ridgeback). Besides that, Yukon is quite large for a female wolf. Of course this does not diminish her grace and beauty in any way.

... character

Yukon is an extremely friendly and open-minded wolf and is always ready to play and have fun (sometimes at the expense of another pack member). At the moment she lives with her brother Geronimo and the slightly younger Wamblee and both of them worship her. Of course, Yukon also loves her two gentlemen and has a "bridging" function, because the two gentlemen are not quite as familiar with each other yet. 

Yukon is very cooperative, very straightforward and almost always ready to learn something new or participate in tests. Honestly, she does not always understand what she has to do, but she compensates with eagerness and fun at work.

When the trainers approach Yukon´s enclosure in the morning, she is always one of the first ones to press against the fence to ensure she does not miss any cuddles. If she is particularly happy because of a familiar person or a beloved dog, she often picks up a stick with her mouth and wags it joyfully around the enclosure. The affectionate she is with familiar persons, the reserved she is in the contact with strangers. She does not like to be touched by unfamiliar persons at all, however, when it comes to training, Yukon generously gives them the paw to earn a food reward. So she knows how to separate work from private.

... in puppy age

Yukon has always been a brave little girl. She drank from the bottle without a problem and was the first of the three younger wolves to start playing. Furthermore, she is a born hunter. Just a few weeks after her birth, she already killed the first mice in the enclosure.

Yukon had a special and deep relationship to her hand raisers from the beginning on. Like a human baby, she sucked on their fingers to fall asleep.