• Gender: male
  • Birthdate: 22.04.2012
  • Origin: Canada
  • In pack with: Geronimo


... appearance

Wamblee was born black except for a white breast patch. Now, with age, his paws, legs and face have turned white/grey. He is quite petite for a male and has a slim figure. Wamblee´s eyes are yellow and really beautiful. It is especially notable that the tip of his right ear is pointing downward, so it could be called half floppy. This makes Wamblee even more likeable and provides him an extra bonus in cuteness. But not only because of his special ear, Wamblee is very popular with our Master photographer Rooobert Bayer. In addition, Wamblee is a true artist of facial expressions and can produce many different faces in no time. Admittedly, Wamblee´s grimaces are not always beautiful to look at. However, his talent is very entertaining and makes people laugh.

... character

Wamblee often pretends to be braver than he actually is in the „inter-wolfish domain“. However, a simple correction from Geronimo is enough to temporarily shatter Wamblee´s safe, small world. Then one can see him standing in the enclosure with his tail between his legs, looking kind of lost. At the same time, Wamblee is a real prince charming towards Yukon. He loves her and often nudges her to invite her to play (preferably when Geronimo is busy or gone for a while). Most of the time, Yukon reacts to Wamblee´s invitation to play, but sometimes she is annoyed by him. It is interesting to see that in this case, Yukon´s corrections towards Wamblee are much fiercer than Geronimo´s. However, in Wamblee´s subjective view this does not seem to be the case. Well, the eyes of love are blind and very tolerant.

With novel objects, Wamblee is a bit cautious or even anxious. Therefore, one needs to be very patient to habituate him to a new test apparatus, especially when the apparatus is somehow moving. However, not only novel objects frighten Wamblee, but also these long things that grow out of the bottom of the human torso and almost constantly move. Indeed, we are talking about human legs. The origin of Wamblee´s “leg-phobia” is unknown. Maybe it is a mutant gene? In any case, during walks with Wamblee one has to anticipate that he will jump aside from time to time because in certain moments he realizes that he is way too close to scary moving legs.

Apart from their legs, Wamblee loves his familiar humans and enjoys endless cuddles. With strangers he is a bit more cautious. Especially during pack visits he can also be a real teaser.

... in puppy age

Wamblee was our little "problem wolf" and came with his sister Kay from Canada. Although he was two weeks younger than the four American puppies, he was able to hold his own in the pack very well. When he was only two weeks old, he had problems with his swallowing muscles and so we had to feed him very carefully. It is for this reason that he was smaller than his sister for quite some time. However, at some point Wamblee caught up and was just as tall as Kay. No wonder, seeing as he ate until he had a round belly and was wider than he was long. He was able to defend his food so well that the older puppies let him eat in peace. 

Although Wamblee often played with the bigger ones - often yowling like a puppy - he was rather withdrawn in the pack. He had a small place under some large tree trunks where he often lay alone in the shade. At first Wamblee was cautious with us humans, but at night he liked to cuddle up to his known foster parents.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Wamblee: www.wolfscience.at/fostering-programs