“She who was born at night”

  • sex: female
  • birthday: 02.08.2011
  • origin: Hungary
  • siblings: Bora
  • pack: Layla pack
  • together with: Enzi & Panya 

This black, beautiful dog is cheeky, cheerful and hyper. She seems to ask: “What are you doing?? I will join you!!” and seems to be waiting for the call to join in crazy adventures.

... Appearance

Layla is as tall as her sister Bora, but in contrast to her, totally black with a white splodge on her chest. On her paws and in her face, one can faintly see the brindled stripes that Bora also has.

... with conspecifics

Although Layla is quite cheeky and loves to pull on and bite into everything, she is a friendly dog. She seems to feel very comfortable in her pack and shows this with her overly motivated play invitations.

... when learning and in interaction with us

When Layla is confronted with new things, she is very motivated and giving her best, but not the fastest learner. She loves humans and greets them wildly by licking them in the face. She loves being stroked, but as soon as she realizes that we want something from her, such as a medical treatment, she gets cautious. Then we need a lot of patience to convince her that nothing bad will happen.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Layla is not as timid as her sister Bora, but also not very bold when it comes to unknown objects. When we train her, however, her fear disappears quite quickly.

Strangers are no problem for Layla. When people visit her enclosure, everyone is greeted enthusiastically with face licks - no matter whether she knows them or not. What she likes best, are beards. It can happen, that the person of Layla’s attention (the one with the longest beard) has troubles breathing because of the intensive face licks.

... in puppy age

The little black girl with the white signs on breast and nose could melt a person’s heart within seconds. Even Kilio and Meru, the two grown males were impressed by the little girl. Layla, on the other hand, needed more time to get used to the big dogs, than the other puppies. But eventually she liked them both - especially big Meru.